Angel Assassins Book I Lineage and Lies Preview.pdf T-shirt

There Lucian blended in, settled down with human wife and had family and waited for his revenge. Over time Lucian built up a sizable empire, the shadow in the background of much of the political and military action that shaped Earth into a global community, ten regions governed by members of his inner circle. The arrival of his Grandson, Jake spurred Lucian to begin planning his attack on Xaria, with his Grandson now leading the way, as an uber-assassin.

While Lucian planned and prepared, there are others who have entered the fray to gain control of Jake and the power he will possess. The Master who helped to eradicate the Drakim, did not receive what he was promised and now he is looking for more leverage and has a score to settle. The Master has also brought the House of Razok back into the mix, along with their chief vizier, Reboaz, who seems to have an agenda of his own. The Master then bolstered his ranks with other Masters and his apprentice Master, Drago. As each player comes to the game, they all bring their own agenda, lies and lineages that not only impact their present, but will affect their future, their allegiance, but also Jake’s destiny. This is just the beginning of Jake’s journey, it will see him escape from his Grandfather with the help of his protectors, travel to New York only to be abducted by Lucifer’s Personal Guard and taken Xaria.