Angel Assassins Book I Lineage and Lies Preview.pdf T-shirt

Lucian Avalon, Jake’s Grandfather, is older than time itself. He was there at the first fall, siding with Lucifer. The fallen angels took up residence on Xaria, a planet between time and eternity. Many years after the fall, he and many of his companions realised the error of their ways. In a bid to win back the favour of IAM Lucian formed The Drakim, initially they were a rag tag band to hunting down demons and those that crossed the line in the political hierarchy of Xaria. But after hundreds of earth years The Drakim were a formidable order of assassins, having infiltrated every major and some minor demon houses on the Xaria. They became the unofficial secret police, you were safe as long as you didn’t do anything wrong. But vengeance grew in Lucian’s heart and he eventually ordered the assassination of Lucifer himself, but they failed to send him to the abyss. Lucifer’s tolerance for the Drakim evaporated in that moment and he ordered the drakim to be hunted down, he employed a newly graduated Master and the House of Razok, a minor demon house looking for recognition and a step up the political ladder, to purge Xaria of the Drakim, many were killed, some were tortured and imprisoned, even fewer escaped. Lucian the head of the order escaped fleeing to Earth, along with Gabriel, now Lucian’s personal body guard.