Angel Assassins Book I Lineage and Lies Preview.pdf T-shirt

Angel Assassins Book I – Lineage & Lies


Lineage and Lies tells the story of one young man’s journey into a world he didn’t realise existed. Jake Avalon lives a privileged life on his Grandfather’s estate. He has everything a 16 year old boy would want, money, freedom and great friends. His life, however, begins to unravel when encounters a man hiding in a corn field on the estate. The man turns out to be the brother he didn’t know he had, Xavier, his protector. Jake is somewhat of a phenomenon, although he is yet to discover, he is half human, half angel. He is the prophesied child, who would re-establish an ancient order of angel assassins. He bears the mark of The Drakim, destined to become a very powerful man and all hell, heaven and everything in between wants a piece of that power. Some will come to take that power for evil, others as leverage to secure their own precarious position of power. There are those, like his brother and a certain suspected renegade archangel called Gabriel and his Gabriel’s daughter, Sara, who would do everything in their power to ensure that Jake has a choice and so they have taken up the mantle of protectors, protecting him even from those closest to him, his Grandfather.